4 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Book

Picking the right book can be a daunting task if you’re new to the book world or if you're interested in trying something different. With millions of books to pick from, it's destined to be a bit overwhelming. While we understand the importance and benefits of reading, we also have to understand that it’s not as simple as just picking up any random book. Here are four tips to help you pick the right book for you:

Uncover your Taste

Deciding the type of book you want to read is just like deciding the type of movie you want to watch. They can provide the same experience for you if you find the right one. While thinking along that line, what type of movies do you like? Mystery, romance, action, drama, fantasy, adventure or documentaries? If you know the answer to that, then there is a good chance you will like books of the same genre.

Often times readers will tell you that books are better than the film. This is because authors have the ability to includes details that film makers just don't have time to include. So it's safe to think a book you choose in your favorite genre will be better than a movie in that genre. 

Ask for Recommendations

Shopping in a bookstore whether in person or online can be a frustrating experience if you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for. That’s when you have to call in reinforcement. If you’ve already decided what genre you’re leaning toward, ask a book expert or a friend to suggest a book to you.

If looking in your local library, the librarians are also a great source to utilize.

Smaller bookstores like Double Sugar Bookshop can also make suggestions for you. Simple shoot an email to info@doublesugarbookshop for help!

Consider Your Goal

Are you just looking for a good book to read or are you reading with a purpose or time constraint? These things are important to consider, especially if the purpose is to read six books in six months (or something similar). This may eliminate certain books just based on length alone.

The same consideration comes into play if you’re picking a book that teaches you a new skill or that you can learn from, such as self-care or educational books. In these cases, you may want to consider a book that allows you to keep track of your progress, whether that means it comes with a workbook or has one incorporated into it. Knowing this going into your search will help you eliminate the ones who don’t offer this.

If you’re picking a book for your book club then you may want to consider a book that comes with a reading guide, or that is highly anticipated or controversial. These things lead to easier discussion and engagement among the club.

Ultimately, if you’re just looking for a good read with no constraints, your options are unlimited.

Read the First Few Pages

One of the most exciting things about a book is its ability to draw you in. If a book starts out dry, it may be hard to continue on, unless someone has already told you that it gets better. The best way to test a books ability to capture your attention is to read the first two pages. These pages should either introduce you to the main character, the location or setting, the plot or provide some backstory. If this captures your attention, you may be in for a good read.  

If you’re searching online vs. shopping in store or library, look the book you’re interested in up on goodreads.com. Goodreads often offers a healthier book description than what is offered in the book details. They also feature reader reviews that give great perspective on books. 

Still having trouble deciding? Shoot us an email at info@doublesugarbookshop.com and we’ll help you find the perfect book. Even if it isn’t currently on our shelves, we’ll point you in the right direction.