About Double Sugar Bookshop

Double Sugar bookshop is an independent, minority owned, online and pop up bookshop. We work really hard to offer a curated collection of books for book lovers like you. We specialize in titles written by or based on POC, Women, Culture, History & Self Love. 

Our owner, Erika, has been a book lover for as long as she can remember and loves suggesting great books she's read to others. That is what lead her to open Double Sugar.

Our Collection

We like to keep our selection small, offering only a few copies of each title, to make it easier on you to find the perfect book. Why spend hours sorting for the next best thing, when you can find it quickly in a curated collection we handpicked with you in mind? While our collection won't speak to everyone, we hope you find something you can't want to dive into. 

We offer both New and Secondhand book, often offering hard to find titles. Don't see the book you want? Let us know and we'll try to get it for you. 

The Name

Our owner is an avid flower lover and tulips are her absolute favorite. More specifically, double sugar tulips. Double Sugar Tulips are fragrant and resemble a rose with its double set of ruffled petals. They are extremely long-lived flowers in both the garden and the vase, growing up to 18 inches tall. These tulips create dazzling harmonies with other flowering bulbs, just like books do with our minds.

Why Us?

Why should you buy online from us rather than Amazon or another non-local bookseller? The answer is pretty simple. Money spent with us stays within our community. Plus, you'll get to meet us out and about in the community at our pop up shops. 

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you find exactly what you're looking for!